Out for dinner With Steve's wife Linda and granddaughter Diane Proud grandparents with Diane and Maria With Maria Monica, Diane, and Maria with the grandparents Finally, some time to travel Frank being Frank Frank being Frank At Doug and Amy's wedding And one more granddaughter, Sophia Trying to get Sophia's attention Three generations of Savareses Still trying to get Sophia's attention With Amy and Sophia in Arizona With his old musical partner Gene Ventresca Frank and his sister Christine Still working on his Baccarat system Ready to break the bank in Vegas Pope Frank Still trying to get Sophia's attention Frank with Saul Pullman Discussing 'the old days in NYC' Out for a spin An octave and a third on the left hand... wow At Juliet's memorial party Juliet was never far from his thoughts With his crew Frank and Barkley Once more with his girls Francis X. Savarese, 1929 - 2019